Wednesday, 26 February 2020

One Piece Short Of A Jigsaw

I finally finished that Scottish Jigsaw I bought in January.
It was 75% good fun.
But the looks like white clouds on a blue sky - but honestly it took me hours. Furthermore, I did some in the evening by artificial light. The pieces did fit together- but next morning, it was quite apparent they were wrong.
There was much undoing and redoing.
Plus there was one edge piece missing - although I realised on closer inspection of the picture on the box, that whoever donated it to the CS must have known this. There was a little blue cross indicating the location of the missing piece.
But in the end I managed it. It will shortly be going off to Scotland to its new owner, a blogfriend of many years acquaintance. I hope she enjoys it too. And at least she will not be spending hours sifting the pieces looking for that edge piece, or crawling under the coffee table wondering where she has dropped it!
Happy memories of a beautiful place! [and another useful diversion which took my mind off the toothache over the weekend]


  1. You did well to finish the puzzle, especially with a piece missing!

  2. Hope that toothache is resolved. I like the missing piece, like one of those deliberate mistakes artists would make so as not to rival God.

  3. Oh NOOOOO, toothache is the absolute pits! Have you tried clove oil. When I had my Christmas tooth infection (where I couldn't see a dentist for 6 days!) I used some clove oil on cotton wool which numbed the pain beautifully for a little while. I also found sleeping with my face on a hot water bottle (in fleecy cover) really helped also!

  4. The puzzle looks great, even with one piece missing!


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