Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Repair, Recycle, Repurpose

Repair - good news! Bob went out into the garage with the broken kettle [having been nagged to put on a coat, as it was chilly out there] and returned half an hour later having mended the switch. The red light in the switch no longer works- but the kettle boils, and switches off automatically. And we have saved £20 or thereabouts.
Recycle - last month at our coffee&craft group, Alison demonstrated recycling Christmas cards to make 'tree' decorations. She cut out a stack of identical tree shapes, then folded and stuck them to make 3d hanging decorations. We were sent away to interpret this idea and bring our creations to the February meeting.
Being lazy, and not as neat at cutting as Alison, I chose an easier route. I punched out lots of hearts, and die-cut out a stack of flowers. I folded and stacked the flowers in groups of 6, the hearts in sets of 5. I strung them on crochet cotton separated by beads from broken necklaces. They look quite pretty I think!
I've also been busy making more memory bears
Repurpose - my friend has given me a bag of her late husband's shirts, and I am busy repurposing them into three Memory Bears. Bob commented on Friday evening as I sat watching TV, pinning and tacking pieces together, that I appeared to have an efficient production line going. I felt good - until Saturday when I realised I had tacked the fronts of the arms to the back of the bears! But I unpicked and restitched them all.  I'm hoping to have them finished by Sunday.
It is proving to be a constructive and useful week, and we are both feeling much healthier than we did last month.


  1. If only you had posted about the recycled Christmas card decorations last week! I finally through out/ recycled my cards as I did not have time or inclination to do anything with them. Your decorations are fantastic so I’m going to save your idea for a crafting session next January at WI. They are very effective. I’ll just need to borrow a die cutter as that cuts out the tedium of hand cutting. Genius idea!

  2. Your decorations are beautiful! They look very professional! The technique reminds me of the paper beads I made for a necklace and earrings out of music paper.
    Bravo Bob for saving the kettle! That's great he was able to fix it! The memory bear mistake reminds me of when I absentmindedly sewed the poppers to the wrong side of my Dalek bodice!

  3. Yay for Bob being able to repair the kettle! That is great! I like your reuse of the cards to make ornaments, too, and the memory bears, of course. :)

  4. Your ornaments are so pretty and such a good idea.
    So annoying when you realise the sewing mistakes!


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