Saturday, 15 February 2020

Slice Nippers!

Thank you for yesterday's comments and witty Spoonerisms. The new 'berry' slippers are gorgeous. Mulberry rather than raspberry, but they go well with my dressing gown. And my socks.
Inside there was this interesting tag attached...
Is this wording intended to be

  1.  Informative... "M&S love slippers" [because the sale of slippers, esp at Xmas, generates good profits]
  2. Instructive... "You must LOVE slippers" [because they are to be appreciated and enjoyed]
  3. Strangely Descriptive... "These are not just slippers, they are M&S Love Slippers. " presumably they only come in Adult sizes? 


  1. Lovely color! As long as they are love slippers and not hate slippers! :)

    1. I will endeavour to walk the paths of peace in them...

  2. I'm voting against option 2 because of the lack of a comma. I think it must be 1. 3 would be wholly dependent on the wearer...

    1. You are truly a pedantic pedagogue when it comes to pedicures and other foot-related matters, Mags.


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