Tuesday 25 February 2020

Gone With The Wind

Each February Bob has a "Reading and Reflection" break, when he can get away briefly, to study, pray and prepare for the year ahead [particularly to plan all the Easter stuff for church] So we get away to Cornerstones and he shuts himself in one room and I do other stuff **[finish jigsaws, knit, odd jobs etc]
However our weekend away as been a little more complicated because of recent storms. Gary was here overnight last Monday, as he had a business meeting in East Anglia, and he'd reported on the State Of The Fences, and had a chat with our neighbour. Sadly things have got worse since.
At the side, the little gate has come away, and the fence panel by the bins is coming loose.
At the back, the whole fence between the garage and summerhouse was adrift, and the roof over the bbq and smoker had blown right off. Fortunately it landed on the patio and had not caused any damage in its flight.
We spent part of Saturday removing dodgy disintegrating panels and posts, and stacking them on the patio. 
There's a small wire fence between us and next door - so even though the panels have gone, Archie the dog will not be able to get into our garden. 
But there is a lot of fencing bedding to be repaired. 
Maintenance of a property when you live 200 miles away is neither straightforward nor cheap. Bob 
So some of my weekend has been spent going through cupboards and decluttering - I'm planning a Saturday Yard Sale when we get back to Dorset to raise some cash towards the Fencing Fund [Boot Fairs are usually on Sundays, so I don't do them]
The Etsy shop is ticking over - I've just sold the big kettle. By Easter I should have raised the money for my new glasses. 
**I had one very interesting outing, which will get its own blog post later. 


  1. The windy weather just goes on and on and like your fence at Cornerstones my new willow roll fencing keeps getting more damaged

  2. That was some powerful winds you've had! I hope the repairs won't cost a lot. I hope the yard sale goes well and gets the Fence Fund off to a good start. :)

  3. Oh, do link again to the etsy shop? I must have missed that. Our fences are about to do all of the above, but it's impossible to get out and halt destruction because of the very weather.


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