Saturday, 29 February 2020

Sales Pitch

Mags asked about my Etsy shop. It's herePeople seem to choose bizarre names for their shop - so I decided that as much of my stuff is vintage/retro I'd go for Mistress Marchpane - which is a vintage version of Mrs Marzipan [i.e. Almond paste] Currently I am selling off vintage kitchenware and haberdashery. Thus far I have had fifteen sales, in seven weeks. I think this is not bad going. I'm trying to keep my prices low. It is alarming that items which I first had in the 70s when we got married automatically count as vintage now!
Taking the photos and writing the ads takes time - but I've had some good customer feedback. Yes there are fees for using Etsy - but on balance it is easier than carting a bootload of stuff to a cold wet field and standing around all day hoping for a customer.
Much of this stuff has 'sparked joy' for me, but I really cannot justify keeping it all. This seems a sensible  way to declutter.
The proceeds have gone into my savings account, which had a small amount in it already.
And on Wednesday, I'd got to the point where I had enough money to consider making an appointment with the opticians for new glasses. This is wonderful, and I feel I have achieved what I set out to do. 
Except...following yesterday's visit to the dentist, the Spectacle Fund will be diverted to pay for the more urgent dental work [another crown] and I shall keep the shop going a little bit longer!


  1. I like the name of your Etsy shop and think it is a very good way to declutter and raise funds for much needed items. Hope the dental work goes smoothly.

  2. You have some pretty bits for sale. I wonder why everyone once used tray cloths

  3. Your shop is really interesting!!! I like the items you have!!! Very cool! I am sorry about the dentist! I hope you get your new glasses soon!!x


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