Monday 14 May 2012

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

The Willows Three were rudely awoken on Monday morning, to be informed that it was “Monday-Day-Off” and “We’re going out, even if it is raining” They were quite overwhelmed by a huge blue and yellow shop full of Swedish Stuff. The trio declined to sample the meatballs which Ang and Bob ate for lunch.

ikea meatballs

“Lingonberries?” exclaimed Mr Toad “Foreign Muck, I call it! Give me British Roast Beef and Horseradish Sauce any day” [at the very mention of horseradish, Bob’s eyes began to water again]

But when they got home again, the weather was lovely, and the three sat outside in the sunshine, on a striped chair which was on the drive beside the cars. “This is what I call a holiday” said Mole


“Just a minute!” said Ratty, looking at the other two chairs beside him.

“I say chaps, I think we ought to move, sharpish. This may not be the safest place for a sit-down!”

Mole and Toad looked round – and realised he was absolutely right.


“What if somebody helps themselves to US!” cried Mole.

They scuttled inside and found that there were two new chairs replacing the three outside – Bob said the gas lifts had all died.

“What"?” said Mr Toad



The new chairs were much more comfortable. The three felt safe again.

And Ang was once again seated high enough to reach her keyboard!


  1. I have a desk chair that slowly sinks down several times a day!

  2. Oh, my goodness, the boys are certainly getting out and about! Glad that they're safe and sound, and that you got a new chair. Hurray!


  3. I was worried someone was going to sit on and squish the trio!
    Jane x

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  5. Hurray for another adventure from the Willows Three, and I hope you are now sitting much more comfortably. x

  6. It looks as if The Three are quite at home and I'm not surprised that Mr. Toad is so sassy. I have only been to IKEA once. Those meatballs look yummy!
    I bought the GI Diet book you recommended, Ang! It's not so different from what I've been doing but I can see a few possible and helpful changes I can make. Thanks!
    (I saw your suggestion over at Doormouse's place!)

  7. Horrah for the Willows! Hoorah for you! Hoorah for us!


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