Saturday 19 May 2012

Hey Big Spender!

For once I was in the village on the right Saturday – it was the Scout Rummage Sale. Starting at 1.30pm – but by 1.15, there were already over fifty people in the queue! There was some quite unseemly scrambling at some of the tables as people reached for items at crazy prices. I decided to wait patiently for the initial rush to subside, then took my time and found my treasures. It cost Bob and me 20p each to get in - and we spent £3.60 and got all this…


  • 3 Kilner jars [plus spare glass lid] £1.50
  • 2 vintage Pyrex ‘Matchmaker’ casseroles [plus small lid] £1.20
  • A Pyrex tea plate 10p
  • A book of Celtic prayers 20p
  • A teabag squeezer 10p
  • A Hornsea Cornrose sugar/jampot with lid 50p

That was a total spend of just £4 – and as the Cornrose matches my wedding china, and is now discontinued, I am especially thrilled [jars like this cost at least £5 on eBay]

The teabag squeezer [Bob’s Bargain Of The Day] is destined for Cornerstones.

The Kilner jars will probably be used for storage at first – I cannot use them for preserving purposes until I get some new rubbing sealing rings. The spare glass lid fits another jar I have been hanging onto, even though I’d smashed it’s lid.

Pyrex is always useful [and I did smash a bowl last Saturday] and I love the vintage patterns. Sometime I will learn all their names!

And the Celtic Praise looks like a real gem – expect some of the prayers to appear on the blog in days ahead!

It doesn’t cost much to make me happy!


  1. So pleased that you found treasures at the rummage sale- they are all fabulous!

  2. Good finds, I used to have that matchmaker pyrex (never knew its name) but sadly it met its demise on my kitchen floor recently! Lovely that you've found something to match your wedding pattern too.

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  3. Now that's a perfect shopping trip

  4. nice post thanks for sharing...looking to visit more...blessings

  5. Some great bargains ,which of course we all love ,The Celtic praise book sounds intreguing I look forward to reading them when you share Jan xx

  6. What a wonderful set of bargains.


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