Thursday, 3 May 2012

You Paid HOW Much?


Is this

a] Sue, realising that there has been a mistake with her grocery bill for Live Below the Line

b] SfT on discovering that Mr SfT had broken into her Sealed Pot in order to pay the electricity bill

c] Frugal Queen, in a discussion with another quilter about the price of Jelly Rolls

d] Jane, when Chris announced the size of their latest cat-food bill

e] PomPom, on hearing of Postal Costs for the Willows Three


  1. :-) Totally absurd, isn't it!

  2. or (f) Mrs Almond getting said WITW characters weighed and posted?

  3. All of the above! And also Ben, when I phoned him to say:
    1) I've told my friend we will buy her chicken shed,
    2) Son 1 has further appointments with a new specialist,
    3) The boys arguments in favour of being allowed to save up and spend their own money on a Wii are, regretably, convincing.

  4. Oh blow, is it the Willows 3? Do we need to raise another ransom? 'Twould be interesting to add up all those costs at the end- or perhaps iniquitous? Should we have donated it all to Christian Aid instead??? Floss- stand firm on the Wii!

  5. Ha ha! I know what you mean! The postal costs are sky high. I had better send a treat to Katie at Angel in the Garden or she may hold the Willows hostage for something far more grand than Frances' potted cheese!


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