Friday 11 May 2012

Finding Fun #2

Oh dear, it is Friday and Carolyn has already posted challenge #3.


Here’s my thoughts on #2 – Houses. Like Carolyn, I remember Playschool – my brother was 2 when it began in 1964, and Steph was 4 when it ended in 1988.

playschool house

Was anyone else confused that, during the programme, we looked through the square, the round or the arched window? Where were they? On the back of the building…

playschool windows

On Monday, as we had time to spare en route to CrEx, we stopped in the Café Rouge in Esher. There were lots of paintings on the walls, including this one. I love the naive styling!


This afternoon I have been “chillin’ out” – my ten week stint of regular Supply Work is now over. So I made myself a new needlecase.


It is just a few scraps sewn together, with a couple of buttons for flowers, and a bead for a doorknob. I put a loop of ribbon on the front, and a button on the back, so I can keep it closed. The ‘pages’ are just a couple of sheets of soft cotton.


Small, simple, a bit scruffy, but trying to be useful – like me.

little seamstress

The Little Seamstress 

another great illustration from Jessie Willcox Smith!


  1. I like it! Very clever house building.
    My needlecase (yes I really do have one) was a gift from a friend at school for my (I think) 10th birthday.
    Jane x

  2. What a great post - I'd never thought about where the arch and circle windows were, but I do remember for some reason being frightened of the arched window!
    Love your needlecase. One of the first things I ever sewed was a needlecase for my grandma for Christmas one year.
    Don't worry about it already being Friday - this is for fun after all, not lessons and I still have my own house to post!

  3. Cute needle case! You're very creative. :-)


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