Saturday 5 May 2012

Cinco De Mayo


As I’m sure you all know, Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for May 5th. This day is normally confused with Mexican Independence Day (el Dieciseis de Septiembre) which is celebrated on 16th of September. Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary of a battle that took place between the Mexicans and the French in 1862. It was the victory of a small, poorly armed force of around 4,500 soldiers over a well-armed, professional army led by Napoleon III with 8,000 French soldiers. The legendary Battle of Puebla lasted for 4 hours and ended in the victory of the small Mexican army under General Zaragoza.



Cinco de Mayo is hugely celebrated with pomp, gaiety and fiestas in the traditional Mexican style. Good food, and fun for the children.


Apron Senorita posted earlier in the week about Piñata Cookies. Full recipe details here. Are they not absolutely fabulous?


If I had known about this recipe twenty years ago, I’d have made these for Liz and Steph! But I would not have crammed quite so many sweets inside. Two dozen M&Ms is far too many!

CONFESSION When my girls were small, if I bought tubes of Smarties for them, I’d tip all but about six into a bag before I gave them the tube. That way I could keep topping up the tube throughout the week and make the sweets last longer. I didn’t think it was good for them to eat a whole tube of sweets in one go, and we couldn’t afford to buy sweets every day. They’ll tell you that this thriftiness of mine has scarred them for life!

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone [with or without Piñatas!]


  1. I do Saturday Sweets. Pack of five finger of fudge (1 extra for me), Asda three bags for a pound, four drumstick lollies, four sarnie bags. I share them out equally and that's it for the week. Now the older ones are older, they buy extra with left over dinner money sometimes. But I've never been able to afford sweets every day, and the main thing is ADHD kids trip the light fantastic on sweets and I can only really want to put up that once a week!

  2. Very colourful! have a lovely weekend! Cx

  3. I love the way you changed the colour of your script to match the theme ,Thankyou for sharing this I had heard 'Cinco De Mayo',but didn't know what it meant Jan xx

  4. Growing up on the Mexican border, I don't remember Cinco de Mayo being celebrated the way it is today, but the 16 de Septiembre was a big day-not a good day to go across to Mexico as everyone was partying and the traffic was terrible. Of course now, it's to dangerous to go over there at all-so sad.

  5. May the fourth be with you!


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