Thursday 3 May 2012

Finding Fun #1


Carolyn has suggested walking for this week. I was a little unsure, after all, much of the week has been like this

jessie wheeler smith raingirl

[btw don’t you just love all these Jessie Willcox Smith illustrations?]

But on Monday we had to go to the Bank, and the sun was actually shining! I decided to take my camera and show you that even a walk through the busy Leicester Shopping Centre can be full of interest. The secret is to look up. Above those plate glass and concrete and plastic shopfronts, there is so much beauty from an earlier age. Look at these…

High above a gift shop in the High Street, a “Chemist’s by Examination” urges us to drink Sea Breeze for our headaches!


I wonder what picture shows were watched at the Electric Theatre?


Thomas Cook started his travel business in our fine city, taking Teetotal Baptists by Train on Temperance Trips to Loughborough!


If you needed a cuppa, there was always the Turkey Cafe, guarded by two fine specimens flanking the entrance.


When we first moved to Leicester, a very elderly gentleman in the village told me to go in this bank [sadly closed now] and admire the wood panelling “My Dad installed that a hundred years ago” he said, proudly. The fine stained glass windows remind me of a Liberty Print.


We did go inside the new centre briefly [I had a voucher for free coffee from Starbucks!] and checked out the latest shop to open.

Patisserie Valerie!

Stunning cakes – beautiful to behold- but too expensive to buy. Anfd furthermore they are laden with calories. DSCF3672


However, Bob splurged on a couple of Belgian Buns in Greggs when I was in Boots. We enjoyed them just as much with a cuppa when we got home.

It was a fun walk, and I enjoyed strolling through the city, looking for interesting sights, and architectural treasures. I hope you have had fun strolling with me!

Next time, shall we go into PV and share coffee and a gateau?

Waiting for Carolyn’s Fun Suggestion for next week now…


  1. As you may be able to tell from the buttons for Finding Fun, I love Jessie Willcox smith.

    What amazing buildings - I love to walk through cities looking at the buildings. I am intrigued as to why teetotal baptists would want to go to Loughborough? Was it the nearest temperance bar?

    Glad you had fun, loved sharing your walk.

    1. The railway was new - and a day trip a few miles up the track to Loughborough made a good day out!

  2. That was so lovely, re visiting Leicester. We can find so much beauty in the everyday,if we just change our perspective.
    Jane x

    1. It was fun walking round the city with you last year - come again sometime!

  3. I considered walking to school for the kiddies today because it's such a nice day here BUT walking cuts into knitting time and the knitting won!! Cx

    1. But the kiddies NEED to walk home to show off the fabulous new hats you have been knitting them!

  4. When I was small, my parents always taught me to look up at buildings (my dad was a roofer, may have had something to do with it!) and I still do. If I can, I always try to sit upstairs on buses too, you can learn a lot about a town by looking above the homogenous new shop fronts. I also love travelling by train and seeing the backs of houses.
    Lynn P

  5. I enjoyed walking through town with you! Where I live in the States, the southeastern part, everything is very new--a hundred years old is ancient--though occasionally when walking downtown you do look up to find something old and interesting. I will be more faithful about remembering to train my eyes upward!


  6. Wow by looking up you can see a whole different era in your highstreet. I will be having a peek on my way home today to see if its the same in my town./
    x x x

  7. I love looking up at buildings like this - there are some real gems out there. Worcester has the usual boring high street fronts at ground level but there's fantastic old wattle and daub buildings above them. Jx

  8. Lovely walk, brilliant history, I did the same thing in London back in February, amazing what is on display on buildings high up. BJ


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