Tuesday 22 May 2012

A Page From Barry Bear’s Diary

Other schools have Barnaby Bear – but we are different. BB needed a sweatshirt- but the class said that if the bear came home with me overnight, I must write a page in his diary – and include photographs. That’s the rule! I just hope they approve of my efforts.

Barry Bear was a bit nervous. He was going to stay with Mrs Almond. He knew he had to be very good.

DSCF3761When he got to her house, she gave him some tea [pizza and beans] and then she showed him her sewing machines.

“Would you like a proper school uniform, Barry?” she said.

DSCF3762Barry was very excited.

She let him type his name on the special keyboard—and then she sewed him a red sweatshirt with his name on it! It said “Barry Bear N.L.S.”

DSCF3763“I wish I had a bag to keep my diary clean” said Barry—so Mrs Almond made one of those for him too.

“This is good fun” said Barry.

He was very tired so Mrs Almond tucked him up in his own little bed, and he slept all night.

Next day, he had porridge for breakfast and then went to school, to see all his friends.



  1. Mrs. Almond is AMAZING and versatile! The bed looks familiar. I think the Willows slept there. Did you tell Barry?
    I think I need a fancier sewing machine now, Angela!

  2. I'm sure that the children will love all these pictures in Barry's diary! His little sweatshirt is adorable. Jx
    PS - This comment comes from a lady with 300+ bears in her house!!!

  3. Barry obviously enjoyed himself...he's smiling!
    Jane x


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