Thursday 31 May 2012

Finding Fun #5½–A Freebie!

Just had to put this one in as an extra for Carolyn’s ‘Hands’ week. This is a frivolous activity – how to use up freebies, and have a ‘beauty spa experience’ at the same time. You will need a small towel, a bowl of warm water, scissors, a mug, and one of those ‘guest soaps’ that came back in your sponge bag from a hotel.


The next two items may have been in the bottom of the brown bag from McDonald’s when you got a takeaway. I keep such things in a screwtop jar in the fridge, because I can never bear to waste anything!

[in case you are wondering when it is that I venture into McDo’s, I only seem to patronise the one on the A47, halfway between Kirby and Cornerstones, usually late on a Sunday night] You need these


sugar st9ick

A sachet of mayo, and a packet of sugar [brown or white, preferably Fairtrade]

Now follow the instructions carefully, or you’ll be in a mess!

  1. Sit down at the kitchen table with your kit.
  2. Remove rings, watches, etc and roll up long sleeves
  3. With scissors, snip off the tops of the two packets – and prop them up inside the mug.
  4. Hold your hands over the bowl in case of spillage!
  5. Now, cup your left hand [Steph and other southpaws, reverse this bit!] and squeeze the mayo into your palm using your right hand. Drop empty pack back in mug.
  6. Pour the sachet of sugar on top of the mayo. Put the empty packet into mug.
  7. Now massage this goop all over your hands, between your fingers, backs of your hands, top of wrists.
  8. Rub, stroke, massage, for about a minute.
  9. Now use the soap and warm water to wash it all off.
  10. Dry gently with the towel.

And you will find your skin exfoliated, and your hands soft and lovely. All for free!


These are not my hands. This image and more hands tips here

The scissors and mug are not essential – you can always rip the packet with your teeth, and drop the packs on the table – but this way is a little tidier, and in hot weather, spilt sugar and mayo can easily attract a trail of ants!

I must show you my latest freebie soap, which came back from the Christian Resources Exhibition, where they were being given away by a pulpit manufacturer. Official Approved Preachers Soap


[is it the soap which is officially approved, or the preachers?]

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  1. I am so doing this tomorrow! I have all these things :)


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