Wednesday 9 May 2012

The Thrill Of What You Already Have #5

The Thrill of What You Already Have

This month, Floss has posted a picture of Dunoon.

It looks like a great place to visit, up there in Argyll and Bute.

I looked at the picture and wondered what I had that related to the poster.

may dunoon

It looks amazing – blue sea, yachts, gleaming white porticos, bathers… Are you sure this is not the South of France, Floss? Steph’s just spent a weekend in Nice, which I understand looks like this…


Then I remembered I have a Dunoon Mug. It is covered with computer puns [ram, mouse, bug etc.] I hunted high and low. To no avail. Did we break it? I asked Bob. We didn’t think so. Had I re-purposed it as a pencil pot? I could not find it. It looks like this…


This is a picture from the Internet, because I suddenly realised that the Dunoon mug is one of the ones which has gone to Cornerstones!

However, during the hunt [which included checking boxes of vases and spare jam jars in the garage] I did discover this forgotten treasure.


It is a little bud vase, from the Highbank Porcelain Factory at Lochgilphead – another pottery in Argyll and Bute.

This little vase is only about 6” high and it has simple elegant lines, and a shadowy thistle design.

I know this was a gift, some years ago – but to my shame, I cannot remember who gave it to me. I have washed off the dust, and now I shall find somewhere to display it – and possibly a bud or two to go in it.


Dunoon is midway between Lochgilphead and Glasgow- and despite the attractive poster, I suspect the climate is not at all like Nice! But I am really glad to have rediscovered my little Scottish Bud Vase, on this wet and windy May afternoon.

A definite Double Thrill – first in realising I had not lost the Dunoon Mug, it is just waiting for me in Norfolk, and second, in finding something attractive I had quite forgotten about. Result!


  1. Nice and Dunoon uncannily alike in the pictures though? Thought of you today- remind me to show you Mattman's homework diary when next you are here- hopefully I'll not be quite so explosive by then!! Maybe they should just ban apostrophes, and capital letters....

  2. We have Dunoon mugs too - I've been amazed to discover where it actually is! But not (I feel) how it actually looks... I think you're the first to post this month - I'm so glad the theme helped you to re-find some great things.


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