Sunday 20 May 2012

Danger, Women at Work!



  1. Hello Angela...I'm so glad this was your post today. I plan on ordering the book from Amazon. Thank you.

  2. OOh, yes!

    But, Ang, we had a talk from a great French guy today, a Gideon, and he said that men of the church, or couples, could become Gideons. I've just checked that up on the international website (in case it was a mistake in my French) and it appears that it is indeed for business men and their wives. Ummm. Am I missing something? Where are the dangerous women in the Gideons?

    1. I didn't realise COUPLES could join - I always thought it was a men-only outfit?

      We need to check this further. I suspect that 'dangerous women' like you and I would not be eligible, Floss - although you might sneak in behind your OH.

  3. Nice women don't change the world- loving that! Bit shocked at the Gideon thing.

  4. Love this, read this book ages ago - might have to look for it again.


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