Monday 28 May 2012

Take A Bow!

I was so hot, and after I called into the bank at lunchtime, I nipped into the cool Hospice Shop. There on the rail was the sweetest skirt – attractive gathers on a wide band, trimmed with a central bow.

red herring skirt

It was a “Red Herring For Debenhams” cotton skirt, UK size 12, and fitted me beautifully.

It still had its original price tag attached, along with the charity shop’s request for £5.

I asked myself the Three Questions, which my daughters taught me many years ago, to prevent me making shopping mistakes in their absence.

  1. Can you think of three occasions when you would wear this?
  2. Can you think of three items you already own which would go with it?
  3. Can you think of one item you will get rid of to make some space in your wardrobe?

Having answered** these ‘ragged’ questions satisfactorily, I handed over the fiver, and skipped [I did!] out of the shop. I am very happy with my purchase – and I shan’t even mind when local friends who read the blog call out “Is that the charity shop skirt?” when they see me wearing it. It flips and flutters and makes me feel cheerful.

** a lunch date and a concert in June, and a Garden Party in July

**my blue and white stripe Breton style teeshirt, my cropped green jacket, or my sleeveless black linen top

**some trousers which no longer fit me properly since I lost weight, despite my attempts to take them in.

And the question is – how did you read the title of this post? Take A Bow [rhymed with cow] or Take A Bow [rhymed with blow]?


  1. That's so pretty and feminine! I read it as bow to rhyme with cow.

  2. I really like that skirt.... and the questions you asked of yourself! I hope you enjoy wearing it through this gorgeous weather. Jx

  3. Angela - you were the first to solve today's cryptic clue. I'll give you a shout out in tomorrow's solution post. Your comment won't get published until then, though.

    Hope you have a great day.

  4. Rhymed with "cow" - hard to see that phrase on its own and think of the other pronunciation.

    What a great find! All my favourite clothes seem to have come from thrift shops. The price is part of the thrill.

    Nice ragged text!


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