Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Because We Care

Saturday began really early – Bob was at the BBC by 7am to be interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester’s Saturday Morning show. Then he was back at church, offering a warm welcome to the punters


We wanted to put on something to help the community find out what is available to those who need extra support and care, just to manage the ordinary day-to-day aspects of life. We had more than thirty groups exhibiting, and over two hundred folk turned up to find out – the first Kirby Muxloe Free Church Social Care Fair was definitely a great success. A number of exhibitors asked when the next one was happening and could they come again? A lot of the visitors expressed gratitude for being able to find out so much information. It was all really good

social care fair 2014-001

The chairmen of both the Parish Council, and the local District Council dropped in [wearing chains of office] as did Sir Clive Loader, our Police and Crime Commissioner. 


Blaby District Council exhibited - and also kindly gave us a grant towards costs, as did Samworth’s a local food business [thankyou]. We provided free tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits for all visitors- and all exhibitors were given lunch. Thank you to the ladies of St. Bart's Parish church who came in and catered that for us.

social care fair 2014

I somehow never took a picture of Jan, our chief organiser- but here’s her sidekick Christine, about to enjoy her salad lunch


“Oh no, this is going to appear on the blog, isn’t it?” [Yes!]

Pete, whose wife Janet was another of the key workers was the official photographer for the day and kindly lent me a memory stick of photographs.

So I do have one of Jan – here on the right, in the stripey top, with Sir Clive and his wife.


Here’s my shot of the ‘chairobics’ – with Pete in the background


And Pete’s shot of the same - with me & camera in the background!


Here’s Janet, watching someone doing mouth-to-mouth


A fabulous day – thanks again to all involved!!


  1. Looks like it was a huge success and one that must be repeated for those that couldn't come this time. Well done

  2. That looks brilliant! What a good idea!

  3. What a brilliant days' work from all of you!
    Yes, a must have repeat!
    Where did you get the idea/inspiration from?
    Begs the question why other organisations haven't done this locally before?
    I don't usually wear hats but, if I had one on, I'd take my hat off to you all! Bless you.

    1. As usual, the initial idea came from Bob, then everyone else helped to make it become a reality

  4. What a great idea, every village should do something like this I think.

  5. Such a good idea, and one that more councils or churches could adopt. I have found it difficult to access some of the information I needed. To have all disciplines in one place is so helpful.

  6. What an excellent idea. So glad it went so well. Vee x

  7. A great idea - so good for people to find out what's going on around them - our local paper always surprises me with the features - always something going on or available I knew nothing about. This is how I found out about the free pottery class I attended.

  8. Bravo. There's a great need for this kind of event which helps to communicate to people what is available and how to access it all.

  9. Looks amazing - well done! (not sure if last comment worked or not!)

    1. Thank you - no sign of your previous comment!

  10. Eventful day! Well done. Are you doing foodbanks yet? Tesco are donating loads to our local collections which are proving to be very successful - don't know whether that's a good or a bad thing really.

    1. We support a foodbank run by a church a few miles away - we will have a big collection of food at Harvest Thanksgiving. It is good to help others - but not so good that there are many who need the help.

  11. It was an amazing day. All the planning and hard work was well worth it to see so many people benefitting from the event.The lunch was excellent too.

  12. What an amazing thing to organize and implement!,well done x


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