Wednesday, 6 August 2014


MM logo DOUBLEHoliday Cub is up and running – and once again, I am so proud of the team who work so hard to keep the programme going each day.

MM crop graphicWe are using the Scripture Union ‘MegaMakers’ theme, and although we are using much of their material [including Bob Hartmann’s glorious storytelling DVD] we have planned our own crafts and modified some of the daily schedule.

washtab2Some months ago, I asked the congregation to save their washing tablet boxes. Six dozen boxes later, the children have been busy turning them into vehicles and inventions and machines. Lots of ideas – really inventive – I’ll post pictures of the finished articles later in the week.


Bob’s phenomenal megamachine is working brilliantly- puffing out smoke, making weird noises, and turning small things into big ones



This is the prayer machine – post-it notes are being stuck on this each day.

Those cogs which decorate things are SO easy to make, and look very effective.

A few years ago, I got a box of 1000 large size coffee filters from a catering outlet which was closing down [I paid about £2 I think]  I ironed some flat, cut out ‘teeth’ and then used a hot glue gun to put on old CD into the middle of each. As usual I am using lots of recycled materials and thrifty ideas for the crafts!

The Task Force Group are doing great daily dramas with Bob, and Abi has planned afternoon activities for these helpful teenagers every day – they bring a packed lunch and stay on at church for a few more hours. We are so grateful for their cheerful input each morning it is good that they have their own programme once the kids go.IMG_2717IMG_2695

The daily aerobics slot is…exhausting! We have had slightly fewer adults on the team this year, and so I have been even busier than usual. So not too many pictures yet.

If you are involved in Holiday Bible Clubs/Vacation Bible School/Beach Missions/etc I really hope you have all the energy and resources you need. It is unbelievably tiring, but so worth while.


  1. You have my total admiration! I used to run holiday clubs and it was the most exhausting week of the year! but the exhaustion didn't matter because it was time well spent. You, the helpers, the teenagers and the children are in my prayers,

  2. Thanks for the prayer support FC - we both woke feeling completely shattered this morning, and trying to summon up hidden energy reserves to keep ourselves going!!

  3. When I was in my early 20's I was involved with a beach mission in Devon. Happy Days.

  4. I wonder if parents realise just how much goes into the planning and execution of holiday events. I used to run a Brownie pack, and hours of time were spent planning etc. You and Bob have such brilliant ideas. I'd love to see the megamachine!

  5. You'll be super fit by the end of the holidays!
    What a great time they seem to be having!
    Bless you xx

  6. Oh yes, how I remember this!!! A bit sad we are not doing one but great to live vicariously through you. I'm currently returning to Northumberland after a perfect day in the Lake district! X


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