Monday, 18 August 2014

Cheap Frills


Just in case you had thought I’d forgotten about this challenge, I have polished off three projects in one go this holiday. I wanted to see just how much mileage I could get from my Lisette Market Pattern

lisette pattern Thus far I have turned a CS pinafore dress into a cute mini skirt, my neighbour’s retro prints into a blouse and a tunic, and Kezzie’s sarong into a dress. All of these receive bags of compliments when I wear them. I even had women at the WDP conference in Salzburg taking photos and pattern details because they wanted to go home and make their own. How crazy is that?

My 52 Projects list included the following items

  • make up a tunic - this time with the frills on the sleeves
  • try out the pattern in a stretch fabric
  • re-purpose those two unused tee-shirts which have been in the wardrobe since November 2008

I combined all three projects last week when I had finished my ‘scheduled sewing tasks’. Here are the tee shirts

 IMG_2826 IMG_2827

They came from a PA event I attended in Nottingham with Bob – and were promotional gifts – both large size. I ironed them, and cut off the sleeves and cut up both sides on one, and just one side on the other. I cut the front and back all in one piece, so that I could keep the existing neckline and shoulder seams, then cut sleeves and ruffles from the second tee-shirt [positioning pattern pieces carefully to include the graphics] I was able to use the existing neckline and the existing hems on the bottom of the tee and the sleeve ruffles.

IMG_2828 IMG_2829


I’m not sure. I do like the little ruffles on the sleeves, much more than I thought I would. Making up the pattern in a stretch fabric was fine. Putting the bust darts in definitely made for a better fit. I should have noticed my hair had got ruffled, and brushed it before the photoshoot, and I still need to lose a bit more weight.

Bob says he thinks the top is “very quirky”- but that I should send the pictures to Prismsound! [I suspect he is hoping they will send us some PA gear – but I imagine if I get anything tangible in response it will just be another tee-shirt!]

Anybody else got any good tee-shirt refashion ideas?


  1. Oh bravo!!! That makes a really unflattering t-shirt look flattering!!!

    You could always change the neckline on one, make a boat neck instead. X

    1. I think a boat neck would be quite flattering. Good idea, Kezzie

  2. I have made dresses for my DGD's from large tee-shirts and I also made a cushion for a friends from a favourite but too small to wear tee-shirt. I love that you have made so many items from one pattern.

  3. Jon wears T-shirts for work - navy or black, he wears white t-shirts after work when he relaxes after his bath & dinner. However when we go away he has been known to venture out in a shade of blue T-shirt - but only on holiday! lol!

    1. Sadly Bob wore a white teeshirt last week whilst painting the garage door green. Still working on getting the stain out!

  4. I like the ruffles, too! You have cute hair, Ang!

  5. Lovely job there, Angela and you look so sweet in your ruffled t-shirt. Some folks chop up t-shirts and make yarn with it - you have to cut them on the diagonal - I haven't tried yet - will let you know if I do. I always manage to get grease marks on the fronts of my t-shirts - goodness only knows how I miss my mouth when I'm eating! Love your hair also. x

  6. I like the ruffled sleeves very much. Refashioning old clothes is so satisfying. The main thing I do with old T-shirts is turn them into cleaning rags. Here's a pretty ruffle T-shirt I'd like to do sometime:

  7. Yes, I think a boat neck would look good and how about making the ruffles just half the length?
    Well done!
    Pin it!


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