Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Error Of Judgement

One of the things we did early last Monday was return the books to Dereham library which we borrowed when we made a flying visit in July. And we took out a dozen or so more. It is a real mistake to grab books when you are in a hurry and rather overtired! I’ve worked through 3 of my lot and feel I did not take enough time choosing them. But here are my brief reviews anyway.

organize home

This one was indeed full of ‘step-by-step projects’ – but sadly there weren’t any which were particularly original. Many involved organising your stuff by storing it in tins or jars [which you had first decorated with bits and pieces from your stash] I priced some of them up.

If you made the storage unit on the cover, the blue Kilner jars are currently £3 in the Range, and the jubilee clips cost around £3 each. You could use other jam jars – but I reckon it would still cost a minimum of £7 – and it doesn’t seem very efficient storage to me. Bob said the items “look like the sort of thing someone might make for Christmas presents for friends, which would appear in Charity Shops in January” **

life's too shortLife’s too short – top tips and insider cheats for the modern woman. My mistake- I am just not a modern woman! Grace gave lots of tips, but for women who are years younger and much wealthier than I am. I should have checked out the chapter headings and not just the blurb on the back. Being a Beautician, Fashionista, Glam Globetrotter, Body Beautiful or Boardroom Star don’t rate high on my aspirations.

Other chapters included how to be a Michelin Starred Chef, Domestic Diva and Love Goddess – tips for these included ‘get Yolam Ottolenghi ready-meals delivered to your door’, ‘invest in a Bugatti Volvo stylish toaster and kettle’ and ‘bin the ready meals, and develop your cooking skills’ [Yes two of those do directly contradict each other!!] **


“Fans of Allison Pearson’s ‘I don’t know how she does it!’ will love this.” Said the blurb. Well I didn’t!! [and I really enjoyed IDKHSDI]

It was funny in places, as the wife struggled with a domestically incapable husband. But [and I know she had two children under the age of 5] there was altogether too much description of poo [and some rather graphic sex] for me. Another bad choice on my part.  *

I am hoping that the remainder of my selection proves to be slightly more satisfying! I freely admit that these were just the wrong choices for me. Other people might enjoy them more. Hoping to post more positive reviews later in the week. 


  1. I often pick up books which when I get them home and start reading I don't bother with - life's too short to spend it reading anything you don't enjoy or which doesn't teach you anything you didn't already know! Craft books often disappoint too and it's the photography which appeals rather than the items I find.

  2. You'll never believe it but I borrowed that first book last week from my library. I wasn't overly impressed either. These types of books seem to be a vehicle for people to make a quick buck from using pretty photo shoots and not a lot of 'what you didn't already know'. Just finished 'The Wives of Los Alamos' about life in the desert during the atomic experiments, from the wives' perspectives. It was very good.

  3. I can't believe you borrowed that first one - you could write that title yourself and it would be both thriftier and more stylish! But I'd have borrowed it and had the same reaction! If I were going going to make the "thiing" on the cover I'd have used something which was both cheaper and unbreakable.

  4. Thank you for the What NOT to read tips and thank goodness borrowing is free, imagine if you had gone out and bought them all!

  5. Meanwhile I'm happily re-reading Miss Read's Fairacre books and dreading the approach of A Peaceful Retirement. Head in the literary sand and loving it!

  6. Well at least you didn't buy them. Think I agree with Bob about the storage thingy.


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