Saturday, 9 August 2014

They Know Me Too Well!

After Thursday’s barbecue, there were a few bread rolls left over from the burger/hotdog feast. They were really cheap white ones from Asda, and had been sliced. But they were looking rather squashed and Chris and Alyson debated what to do with them. They decided that rather than chucking them away, they’d offer them to me. They know I cannot bear the thought of wasted food. So I brought the rolls home to make a bread pudding. I often make a boil’n’bake fruitcake to take on holiday, but this year we’ll have bread pudding. I used my ancient ‘Radiation Cookery Book’recipeIMG_2794


“My Mum had that book!” cried Bob, when we saw it at a second-hand book sale somewhere- I think it cost us 20p. Look at those fabulous gas cookers. All regulo controlled


IMG_2791On Friday morning, first thing, I sliced the bread into smallish lumps, and left it soaking whilst we went off for the final MegaMakers session. I put it into a big bowl and weighted it down with a plate and some weights from my scales


In the afternoon, I squeezed out the water, put everything into my Kenwood and whizzed it around.I had weighed the bread and it was 16oz, so I doubled the recipe. There was enough mixture to pour into a couple of shallow tins lined with baking parchment[Regulo Mark 4 is around 175ºC.] After the cake had cooled in the tins, I turned it out, and sprinkled it with some cinnamon sugar. I cut one slab into 16 pieces. Bob seems to like it. I shall not cut up the second slab, or it will all be eaten before we go off to Cornerstones.


The plums continue to fall on the car park. I picked a small tub full in a few minutes. So as I had the oven on, I also made three 2-portion crumbles for the freezer when we got back home yesterday. Then fatigue overcame us both – and we were in bed by 8.30pm!!


  1. Next time I do holiday club, I'm going to wear a pedometer to see how many steps I do!! I was exhausted after only 3 days!!!

    1. Gaz, you were brilliant - we are truly grateful to you and all the helpers. Hope you can have a rest over the weekend.

  2. There's a lot one can do with left over bread. I often slice and freeze it, waiting for inspiration...maybe a Summer pudding?

  3. Congrats on surviving another summer holiday club, I hope you are able to get to Norfolk soon.
    I'm sure my mum had that book too but we never had gas so maybe I'm wrong

  4. I have some stale Nutty Krust in the bread bin (no idea why it's called this- it has no nuts hence its very presence in our bread bin at all) and was thinking of you just last night as I debated both my ability to run up a bread and butter pudding and the boys' willingness to eat one!

  5. My Great Aunt and Uncle still had a cooker like that in the early 90s! Have a wonderful rest at Cornerstones - I noticed recently that the house across the roadfrom me bears the same name!


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