Thursday, 14 August 2014

Simple Pleasures

It doesn’t take much to put a smile on my face…

In the kitchen, a sunny new teatowel – and my retro Tala egg rack [a birthday gift] full of new laid eggs from the farmIMG_2824 IMG_2822

In the spare bedroom, the result of a happy morning spent with the sewing machine [three more Snow White aprons, and a tablecloth – hemmed with cool random-dyed thread]

IMG_2821 IMG_2825


Bob has repainted the garage door, with paint to match the summerhouse. It looks much smarter [no, we never get any post through that letterbox!]

And the prunings from the sage and lavender look very stylish in a wpb in the lounge. This shot could be in Country Living!


IMG_2834We climbed onto the bike on Wednesday and went up to Wells Next The Sea and enjoyed lunch on The Albatross. We had Dutch Pancakes-mine was houmous, red peppers and olives

IMG_2835his was mozzarella and chorizo. Both very tasty!

The boats looked lovely and lots of the children were out crabbing in the sunshine


Holiday Happiness!


  1. My dad has a garage door just the same with a letter box.
    Random dyed thread would make anything plain look amazing.
    We've not been crabbing for ages.

  2. Those new tea towels would make me smile too, they are so pretty. The aprons are amazing, any child would love to own one of those. I like the colour of the door, could you tell me what it is please, we are desperate to paint the shed a brighter colour, its dark green at the moment. Thank you xx

  3. I pruned my sage a few days ago and the pungent smell went right through the bungalow!
    That reminds me, you or Bob can pick up the blue sausage plant sometime when you get back to Leicestershire now I've found the instructions! (Plus something else for Bob, he knows what it is.)
    My baking set that I won in the Housing associations' magazine competition was delivered today, not sure I need all of the 6 items, so 1 or 2 items might be looking for a home! Maybe the Church hall kitchen or yours? (now you have the storage sorted lol!).
    Hope you continue to have a lovely holiday xx

  4. I'm very impressed with the costumes you make and the herbal arrangements but seriously, if you want to make a CL photoshoot, you have a few changes to make.
    1. Make costumes from French linen sheets, sourced from a little vide greniers in Brittainy (just where is YOUR secret!) and hand-dyed with plants you foraged from the countryside around your converted barn, just a stone's throw from the North (Not East..shudder...) Norfolk beaches.
    2. Arrange your organically grown herbs in a basket you made on a course/east European salt glazed pickle jar/Ming vase you picked up for a song in a Goan market.
    3. Place said basket/jar/vase in the sitting room/drawing room/snug/study/dining room/morning room/other room named to stress just how many rooms there are in your Georgian Manse/Victorian pile/converted anything or even in your converted worker's cottage (Eh? Do people not work today?).
    Otherwise, you've had it. Sorry.

  5. You know that's a joke don't you? Would hate to offend you but I can't resist laughing at CL's language.

    1. I laugh at the CL articles describing how people have renovated their homes 'on a shoestring' - and then go on to tell you how they picked up the items on their many foreign holidays - in France, Morocco, Cuba etc. My idea of 'shoestring' means from Poundland or Charity Shops!!!

  6. I love the egg rack so much,I may have to treat myself:)

    1. It holes 16 eggs - useful when you buy a fresh dozen when there are still a few left!

  7. Lovely! Especially the dusky blues and greens of the egg rack and the door.

  8. Our old front door (which wasn't keeping rain or gales out) is now next door neighbour's garden gate! That's good recycling. Our neighbour was taking a trailer load of things to the local recycling centre and I very nicely asked if there was any chance he could fit our old door in the trailer. He asked if he could keep it and use it. His son cut it to the correct size. It doesn't have a letter box though - that was in a panel next to the door.


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