Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Kezzie, Take Note!

On one of our trips out on the motorbike, Bob and I stopped off in the town of Aylsham for a cup of tea. We had a good wander round the town first and went into the Red Lion Music Shop – it has been open exactly one year this week.

shop front

The owner, Alison, was busy crocheting a ‘keyboard scarf’ for next week’s window display– explaining that September has been designated the month of the piano [did you know that, Kezzie? as a music teacher I expect you to be clued up on such events!] IMG_2907

The shop is full of all things musical – instruments, music, gifts and more…and lessons are offered by Alison and her husband [her lovely daughter works in the Waffle Shop across the road]


I was particularly taken with these boxes covered in music themed fabrics – beautifully made, locally – and reasonably priced too

music boxes

They have an informative website- and soon will have an online shop, so keep a lookout for this, as I suspect it will be an excellent source of Christmas gifts for music lovers [Chopin Liszts, Chopin Boards, Thankyou Notes…]

Aylsham_Town_Sign Aylsham itself is a lovely little town, where John of Gaunt was once Lord of the Manor – he features on the town sign. It was the centre of a thriving linen trade 900 years ago – and the fabric was known all over England as Aylsham Webb, or Cloth of Aylsham. But the linen business died out when the wool trade became more important in the 16th century.

All sorts of notable characters fetched up here – Daniel Defore came for a visit, and Horatio Nelson once attended a dance at the inn.

One more thing – Kezzie’s blog frequently features ‘teaser’ photographs. She posted this one a few days ago

kezzie pic

I have no idea what it is! but it has made me think of something we purchased on Monday. So here is my teaser. What is this item? [shown from four different angles]


I will reveal my answer later in the week!!


  1. I was slightly shocked to see my name in the blog feed! Ha, I did NOT know it was the month of the piano-I'll mention it at school though we shall be largely occupied with ww1 prep!!!
    Ok, so bearing in mind WHERE you took photos for this post, that might give you a clue as to what it is???

    I think your object is a squeezable icing dispenser or a squashable drinking bottle! X

  2. When is the month of the bass guitar?

    1. April is International Guitar Month

    2. Does that mean we have to share it with the six-stringers?

  3. A honey swizzler?
    Jane x
    Is the scarf done in treble stitch?

    1. HaHa! I like the joke - yes it is treble, with double crochet edging. Altogether very musical.

  4. Your close up looks like it's something to do with lemons.
    Kezzie's close up looks like the inside of a flute.


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