Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tracing Rainbows At Cornerstones

Yes really! Look at this beauty


Monday passed in a bit of a blur as we were both so very tired. Our journey on Sunday afternoon was uneventful, and we met halfway at Eye McDo’s for a drink. Bob was on the bike, I was in the Daewoo. No rain at all on the way, but the girl in the Co-op said the main road in Dereham had been flooded  earlier on. It was good to travel, and arrive, in daylight. We unloaded the car and then fell asleep in our armchairs. Then we woke up and went to bed!

Monday morning the Sainsbury’s grocery order came on time. We pottered about doing odd little household jobs, and unpacking – and discovered a few things we had forgotten [like my memory stick with all the Megamakers pictures which I had intended to post on the blog] Bob cut the grass, and I delivered invites to the neighbours for Friday Night’s barbecue. And we rested. Lots.

We are so grateful to God – for the safe journey, for this place, for the sunshine that follows the rain, for family and friends…and especially, right now, for rest and re-creation.


  1. After your very busy week you need a rest, so take lots of time just to relax and do very little.

  2. It sounds as though you need that holiday. Enjoy it.

  3. Had a moment there wondering who on earth "Eye McDo" was, then it came to me - MacDonald's at Eye! We called in there to make use of their facilities, on the way home from Bridlington the other year. Hope you have a lovely week at Cornerstones xxx

  4. Enjoy your break, hope you get some rest, Vee x

  5. Have a gorgeous time, rest and be still x


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