Sunday, 10 August 2014

Thank You To Everyone At MegaMakers

As usual, I made thankyou cards for all those involved – and again, I needed to do over fifty of them! I decided to go for a MegaMakers Machine theme.


Special mention must go this year to Abi and her Task Force Team. These teenagers worked so hard – on the last day, two of the lads came in their best suits – they left us for an hour, in order to attend a funeral. The mother of one of their friends had died, and they wanted to go and show him their support.


I admire them enormously for that – funerals are never easy, and nobody would have minded if they’d said “Sorry we cannot go to the service, we are busy that day”. But they arrived very smartly dressed, left at 10.30, then returned later, back in their tee-shirts, ready to get on with the work. Under Abi’s expert guidance, all the TF spent one afternoon session making a gift for every one of the children, given out on Friday.


The boys each got a little bag – the label said “Jesus is my rock – who I can trust” and inside was a stone, on which was written “Jesus loves you”


IMG_2806The girls each had a little lolly stick plaque, decorated with a heart made of red jigsaw piece- and the words “Jesus loves you to pieces” [and a red ribbon hanger on the back]


We are so fortunate to have had these two dozen young teenagers [aged 14-16] as helpers working alongside the adult leaders. We were grateful too, for the extra folk who came along on Thursday night to help with the catering for the bbq.  I will post some more photos of the displays and things later. One of the Task Force Mums told me she still has a Holiday Bible Club craft item on display in her kitchen – made by her son 7 years ago!


But for now, thank you to everybody – helpers, children, parents, prayer supporters, and all the many encouragers …and not just at our Holiday Bible Club – but thank you everybody, everywhere who voluntarily gives up time to run these events for the children.


  1. What fabulous teenagers, looks like you had an epic holiday club.

  2. A big thank you to you too on behalf of the team?
    You seem to do an awful lot behind the scenes, especially in the sourcing of craft stuffs.
    You all deserve a good break now, just hoping the weather improves for you all!

  3. We ran MegaMakers at our church this week as well and it was a brilliant week. Lots of our young people helped and it was great watching them grow in confidence as much as it was great to watch the children come and learn. And yesterday was one of the best holiday club services that I've ever been to.


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