Thursday 19 August 2010

Aah! Bisto!

Just before we left KM for our holiday here at Cornerstones, I put a few bits of food into a bag. Mostly leftovers to use up – but also a few things I thought I might need over the weekend – although I had ordered a Sainsbury's Delivery to arrive at Cornerstones on the Saturday afternoon.


The van duly arrived - “Where am I?” asked the driver – having come all the way from Kings Lynn, and clearly feeling she was definitely past “the back of beyond” and into “the middle of nowhere”. I unpacked the stuff, and realised I’d both ordered some gravy granules and brought a new tub with me [as I couldn’t remember putting them on my internet shopping list!] but when I came to put them away in the cupboard I found one tub half used, and two spares.


So we have finished the opened tub, put one new one in the cupboard, and I am taking three back to KM with me.

Bob is concerned about this strange new hoarding habit. I notice these four tubs are all different! Our family is fond of quoting the Tony Hancock line

“I thought my Mother was a bad cook, but at least her gravy MOVED!”

[btw – very very busy weekend coming up – down to London to stay with Liz, and meet up with Steph, to attend my niece’s wedding – don’t be surprised by uncharacteristic lack of posts]


  1. Is that a gravy-en image I see before me?

    Clearly you need some from other supermarkets to complete the set, though what you'd do then escapes me! Or are you planning a 'gravy tasting' party?!

  2. Well, you know now you're not going to run out any time soon!! LOL

  3. I live in the sticks and I hoard too, but when the neighbors run out of something, guess where they always go? LOL!

    My weakness is toilet paper. :)

  4. Some nice quips here on your comment page--cottonreel

  5. at least these gravy quips are not too 'saucy'!!

  6. Oh that's funny Angela! have a great weekend regardless. Blessings!

  7. Have I missed the boat, or even the train, on the gravy gags?

  8. I think it is time to put the lid on this one!!
    Thanks for all your outpourings of wit and wisdom!


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