Wednesday 11 August 2010

Trip To The Tip

Today Bob took me to…


…the local council recycling centre on the edge of Norwich! Well, we had loads of stuff in the garage which we cleared out when he insulated the loft, and it just had to go.

However, he did give me a treat en route. We went to the Taverham Garden Centre and visited two of the shops there…


Sew Simple is a brilliant knitting, sewing, crafts shop. It is huge – and I did spend a little money – but it was on supplies for making some Christmas presents, so you will have to wait to see that! Across the courtyard is “Kitchenary” which is a phenomenal kitchen store, with loads of lovely stuff.

pie dish

I treated myself to a couple of replacement pie dishes – the two I have had for 30 years both broke recently! I also got a Lock’n’Lock bacon box [the lid has warped on the one at home]

Bob went into raptures over the kitchen knives and got himself an Anolon Sandoku

anolon sandoku

I am putting a picture of this here, for those of you who may have shared my misapprehension that a Sandoku was a sort of Japanese number puzzle!

After these two shops, on to the tip and then home via The Range. Where L&L bacon boxes were £1 cheaper. Grrrr!!!


the range

However I did pick up some cardmaking bits in their Reduced Section and have spent the afternoon watching “Upstairs Downstairs”  and “Midsomer Murders” and being really creative.

Bob is struggling through “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” – he hasn’t taken to it in the way I did, apparently!

This evening we are going round to Christine’s for a meal, which will be good fun. I am so enjoying this holiday and feel really blessed.


  1. Lovely day out!
    We found the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo difficult to begin with but once you are 'in', you cant put it down!

  2. Now that would be my ideal way of going to the tip too! Those two shops en route would grab me alright! Haven't seen one of those pie dishes in years here in Oz!

  3. I am so glad you are enjoying the holiday. Looks like a good shopping day was had too

  4. Good - you deserve a holiday and you deserve to feel blessed :)

  5. I nearly fell off my seat with excitement when I saw the "Sew Simple" store photo! What a range of fabrics! Our (as in nearest town) fabric and yarn stores closed this summer because of rate increases. We now have to travel for one and a quarter hours to the nearest.
    We live in a rural area where we need to make our own things (ready made too expensive for most people). Fine for those of us who are mobile and physically able to make the journey, but those who are not, they no longer are able to get the supplies they need.
    We need an entrepeneur to start up a mobile fabric/yarn service along the lines of mobile libraries!

  6. So glad to hear you're having a nice holiday, and so much wish I could have gone to Sew Simple with you!



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