Sunday 1 August 2010

WasteWatchers – Finished!

Everything from downstairs moved up into the chapel for Sunday’s service


A Forest Of Trees


God’s Frozen People!


Jan’s Terrific Photo Display


Lots of children and parents came this morning and we had an exuberant service with lots of singing. The orange tee-shirts can be washed and put away now [hallelujah], fifty nine thank you notes have been written to all those who helped and Holiday Club is over for another year. It has been a fabulous week – looking forward to going on holiday soon!

Thanks everybody – including friends out there in Blogland who have been praying for us.


  1. Well done you! I loved the ideas you did - especially the recycled bin - might have a go at that myself :) Our holiday club starts next week though I am not involved this year. I am so so impressed that you write thank you letters to your helpers. Do you know, I almost wish I lived in your little village.
    God bless and a have a good week - you deserve some "me time" a chill and a good old laff with your nice friends.

  2. Dear Lynn - I wish you lived nearer too!! Thanks for the comments x


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