Sunday 1 August 2010

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep…

After such a busy week, it was lovely to finish our Sunday evening service with the peaceful words of the ‘Aidan Compline’ [You can find the whole thing here]

Here is the beginning part…

O Christ, Son of the living God,
May your holy angels guard our sleep
May they watch over us as we rest
And hover around our beds

Let them reveal to us in our dreams
Visions of your glorious truth,
O High Prince of the universe,
O High Priest of the mysteries

May no dreams disturb our rest
And no nightmares darken our dreams.
May no fears or worries delay
Our willing, prompt repose

May the virtue of our daily work
Hallow our nightly prayers.
May our sleep be deep and soft
So our work be fresh and hard.

It is definitely time for a good night’s rest. Personally, I prefer Compline

celtic cross

to Complan


Goodnight, sweet dreams…


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