Tuesday 17 August 2010

Finally Finished!!

February 2009 – sorting scraps from the Great Stash, having got the original idea from my dear friend Lesley [see here and here] At this point, Cornerstones wasn’t quite ours – but I had already set my heart on a place with twin beds in the second bedroom!


February 2010 – everything had been brought over to Norfolk in April 2009 [including ‘spare’ sewing machine] and I had been piecing together the squares whenever I could. Then I added batting and backing and binding.


August 2010 – finally on holiday this week, I’ve completed the two quilts for the back bedroom - finishing the hand-stitching, and embroidering my name and the date on the corner of each one.


And with the few scraps left over, I have even pieced together a bag for the Scrabble tiles!


It has been a lovely project to work on when we have come over to Cornerstones, and I am thrilled with the finished results. It is all thrifted fabric, full of memories and I shall treasure these quilts.

The fabrics include – the dress I made when I got engaged, shirts from Bob, Dad and my FIL, a dress from my MIL, tablecloths and sheets of my Mum’s, school dresses and party dresses belonging to Liz and Steph, cotton trousers [mine and my SIL’s] curtains from our first home, bedlinen from the early years of marriage, duvet covers from the girls’ teenage years, a couple of my old blouses…and lots more pieces besides.


  1. Wow Angela - I love it sorry them!
    I love patchwork that is "proper" - made from recycled clothes etc rather than fabric on a roll.

  2. PS forgot to ask how did you do it? I have been saving my scraps - is this log cabin?

  3. Wow Angela that is amazing. They look wonderful, you have done a fantastic job. All those memories brought together to cherrish for years to come

  4. They look lovely, Ang, well done!

  5. Oh, I love your quilts--and I love that they're made from such memorable fabrics! Wonderful!


  6. Thanks for the comments. No Lynn, it isn't "Log Cabin" - it is based on square blocks with seven sections - for each one, you need FOUR squares of diff fabrics, and you cut 3 in half and then rearrange. If you click to the hyperlinks at the top of the post, you will see the template. It is ridiculously simple once you see that!

  7. Oops sorry - I didn't see those :)

  8. Brilliantly done and so beautiful, thanks for sharing


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