Monday 30 August 2010

Murder At the Manse ?

Lovely Sunny Bank Holiday, so Bob was off to B&Q at the crack of dawn for bits and pieces, and then we set about Serious Gardening. According to Bob, I am the Chief Shreddermeister, so I got the job of dealing with all the prunings. We inherited an Al-Ko garden shredder from my Dad and it is brilliant.


Other members of the community seemed to be enjoying themselves too – one large group of people walked past, obviously en route to the village pub.

I was still shredding on their return – and one of them smiled and spoke to me. “Sorry! can’t hear a word you are saying, I’m wearing earplugs!” I replied.

Motorbike earplugs are wonderfully useful when shredding!



But insulated from outside noises I get lost in a little world of my own and find myself having the most bizarre thoughts.

Like “Why does B&Q sell Ant Killer and Dec Cleaner?”

ant killer


Do you think these two know??


The ants have not come back into the house since the episode in July [here] but they have been all over the patio and front drive. Bob has been spraying them with a vengeance!

On the subject of killers, there was a reference on the radio this morning to an article in today’s Sun [here]

midsomer map

John Nettles returns on Wednesday 8th September for his final series of Midsomer Murders. Tonight, however, I shall watch Julia Mackenzie being Miss Marple

julia Mackenzie Marple

The Radio Times doesn’t give a particularly brilliant review to tonight’s star-studded production – I shall wait and see! It involves the murder of a clergyman apparently – played by Nicholas Parsons.

If you are on holiday today, I hope you have had a good day too!


  1. The shredder seems like a brilliant idea but first on my shopping list for the garden at present is a water blaster! Roll on those warmer spring days when cleaning up the outside begins! Blessings!

  2. Oooh - Midsomer Murders coming back again - love that show!!!!


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