Monday 9 August 2010

Swedish Rhapsody

I think I am beginning to really appreciate the Swedes.

No not these…


…but for years I have enjoyed the music of this bunch…


…and I sleep well on a bed from here…


…but in the past 48 hours since I arrived on holiday, I have managed to polish off two of the books I brought with me to Cornerstones, and both had a strong Swedish connection. Both were purchased with my recent book token. The first proved an unexpected treasure. I went into Waterstones to order something, and Bob spotted it on the top shelf in the Crafts section. He fetched it down and showed me…

scandinavian needlecraft

Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs is full of great projects I want to try out when I get home! Check out her website. Good photography,clear instructions, and many good ideas for using and adapting. A lovely book for thumbing through casually, or reading in detail and working from. Look at these cute baby boots!


My second book had been recommended by a number of people

dragon tattoo

Sadly Stieg Larsson died suddenly after delivering the manuscripts of the Millennium Trilogy, so did not see the phenomenal success that they have become. I found this thriller utterly gripping, and well written, with attention to accuracy. Clever plot, interesting twists, fascinating characters. [also motorbikes, computers, religion…]

I will not give any ‘spoilers’, for any of you who may read it later – but I perhaps should warn you that there are some graphic descriptions of violence, plus sex and swearing. Enid Blyton it ain’t!!

Not sure what to read now – perhaps I should…penguin



  1. I highly recommend the two follow up books (do you want to borrow them?!)

  2. I am thinking about buying a bed from Ikea--tell me if you like yours! And don't the Swiss make chocolate? Then I like them very much!


  3. LHH - we have a Queen Size Malm here at cornerstones, but in Leicester, have a King Size frame which has two single mattresses side by side. Brilliant for small wife /large husband combination!
    Steph- yes please , would love to borrow Millennium 2 & 3 asap!

  4. Now I very much want to discuss Stieg Larsson! How do we get everyone together with cups of tea and an hour of devoted discussion! I hated and loved in equal horrified measure Dragon Tattoo, waited months before giving in to Fire at a service station somewhere on the M6 last month, and have just bought Hornet's Nest at the North Coast. Is Millenium today's finest feminist writing, as I have read? Or does it exploit women as much as its villains? Salander, I love.


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