Thursday 12 August 2010

Let Us [S]pray!

Thursday on holiday in Norfolk means off to Fakenham Market. Then back for lunch, and Bob went outside to do some work on the gate…


I got some bargains in Fakenham – a brand new copy of “Common Worship” for 50p and two folding chairs for £1 each [the Parish Church are selling them off as they have no room to store them]


Am I going all Anglican in my old age do you think?

Steph arrives this evening on the 21.54 train into Norwich. Can’t wait to see her.

Hoping the night is fine and clear, as it is the night for the Perseids meteor shower[details here] and we should get a good view on the way back from the station.

If you have never seen this phenomenon, I hope you get a chance this evening! It is mindblowing



  1. One day mummy rabbit called her children in for their evening devotions. Flopsy, Mospsy and Cottontail all sat down quietly but Peter ran around flicking water at everyone with a large leaf from a cos. Mummy rabbit was very cross and chastised Peter.

    "But Mummy Rabbit," he replied, "every day when we do our evening devotions you say, 'lettuce spray' so I'm only doing what you said."

  2. Nice finds! I'll have to look up tonight.


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