Sunday 15 August 2010

Saturday With Stephanie

We got up early [ish!] and went off to Cromer, where it was carnival week. We visited the Carnival Field and looked round the Boot Fair and Craft Stalls


The Boot Fair was…like any other really – didn’t find any bargains.

Then we walked down towards the Pier and meandered round the town. It was drizzling a bit

cromer pier

Some hardy souls were trying to picnic on the beach, in the wind – others were in the sea in wetsuits with body-boards.

We were not tempted to do any of those things, and we wanted lunch!


In a side street opposite the Parish Church we found “The Aristocrats” – a quiet little restaurant [we were the only ones in there] where we all enjoyed salads for lunch.The Proprietor was at pains to explain it was almost all local produce. Bob’s Cromer crab was splendid. The intermittent rain continued. We did see the motorbikes in the Carnival Parade

[Not that many though – bit disappointing really]

Then we went off to Felbrigg Hall, a nearby National Trust property. Bob had the camera and took loads of pictures…


A fabulous doorway led on to many beautiful rooms. The last owner was unmarried and his brother died in WW2, so he decided to bequeath the property to the NT. From 1949 till his death twenty years later, he worked with the Trust to organise this. His bequest was conditional on “nothing being removed, and nothing being brought in” and they have done that.




Wallpaper in the Chinese bedroom






A lovely stained glass window










hens in the walled garden







Onions anyone? [yes, that is Steph and me on the other side!]







Such a brilliant design – you can move the bench round the garden into the sun!




Then we drove home via the supermarket and picked up a few bits. Bob and Steph prepared the evening meal


Oops! wrong picture, that is the Felbrigg Dining Hall. We had risotto and salad. It was excellent.



All in all another lovely day.

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