Tuesday 10 August 2010

Bouquets of tastes

I kept the Marie Claire Idees magazine which Liz brought me from France, to read over the weekend.

mc cover

This evening, Adrian, Marion and Lucy are coming for a meal. Bob’s in charge of that – it will be steak and pommes frites, with corn on the cob and salads – followed by baklava, greek yogurt with honey, and a bowl of strawberries and plums.

I copied the salad idea “bouquets de saveurs” from p88 of the magazine. It suggests presenting ‘posies’ in individual cups. Magazine picture


I don’t have fancy cutters here, but with a sharp knife, and a selection of veg [peppers,cucumbers, cherry toms, spring onions, various salad leaves and radishes] I made theseDSCF0028

…I have put them together on a large Pyrex flan dish for effect


We have cheated a bit with the baklava dessert – we brought that with us from a shop in Leicester – it comes presented on its own platter!


Here they come, ready to eat!


  1. I love your posy cups! They make my mouth water! Oh, you shall have a lovely meal. Lucky guests!

  2. Oh delish baklava. The closest we get here are from Mr Tesco!


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