Sunday 22 August 2010

Congratulations, Kate and Jon

Just back from London – the wedding went off beautifully yesterday. I took quite a few pictures [many of random feet and unfocussed headless guests, as is my usual photography style!] but here are just a few of the better pictures.

The wedding was that of my niece Kate and her fiancé Jon. Kate’s Dad is Bob’s brother, Frank. Also present was Bob’s sister Denise and her family. It was lovely to sit with her at the reception and catch up on things…

Denise and Liz


Steph and Bob


[OK, I’m biased, I think my girls are brilliant and beautiful !]

The bridesmaids


The happy couple leaving the church


Mother Of The Bride – my SIL Barbara, in her Armani outfit


Kate – and her Dad, Frank


Kate’s brother Robin – who lives and works in Scotland, in his kilt – with two more Uncles behind him


This is not the Almond tartan, which is apparently predominantly orange and rather unattractive!

In the gardens behind the church


The wedding took place at St Mary’s Islington [website] which is the church where Kate and Jon worship.

st marys islington

And we went to The Empress of India by Victoria Park for the reception [website here]

empress of india

There were amazing murals on the walls


As is usual at weddings, there was a lot of hanging around waiting in between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception. I had some great conversations with the groom’s grannies  - and was thrilled to discover that one was from East Anglia, and remembered my Dad! [Bob says it is a bit like “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” – evangelicals can play “six degrees of Stanley Hall”]

As it was an Almond event, food was very much to the fore – from the appetisers [shot glasses of chilled mint and pea soup, duck canapés etc] through to the dessert [Eton Mess]

Our places were marked with little boxes containing cookies which Kate had made.


I am told that the cake was from the Hummingbird Bakery -  and the initial cut was made with the Samurai Sword which Bob’s father brought back from the Far East at the end of the War!



God bless Kate and Jon – may they have many happy years of love and laughter together.

Apart from the official pictures – which are obviously not available yet – there aren’t any photos of me in my outfit – or any of Bob and me together. Bob was in charge of the Official Video – so was busy much of the time, and as is usual at weddings, we never got to sit together in church because he was up the front [although this time behind a lens, not behind a lectern!]

Altogether a lovely day – and the weather held for the photos. Then back to Liz’s place for B&B, and finally home today. Our holiday is rapidly drawing to a close – but what a lovely summer we have enjoyed.


  1. Oh everyone looks stunning. May there marriage be modern enough to survive the times, but old fashioned enough to last forever!

  2. Steph looks like YOU! So pretty!
    What a lovely wedding. You took some GREAT photos!

  3. Steph definitely looks beautiful and brilliant! And the wedding party--what a bunch of lookers. I especially love your SIL's outfit--beautiful. And such a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing the pictures!



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