Monday, 3 October 2011

No Good For A Language Student!

I have just come across the UniSak. It costs £149.99 and confidently claims to contain everything you need for your first year in student accommodation. What's more, it claims to do it for a cheaper price than anywhere else. On the list there are items ranging from shot glasses to chopsticks, duvets to toothbrushes. The website says…

The Unisak includes practically everything but the kitchen sink, over 80 essential items for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and study and even packs the things you’d forget such as a potato peeler or alarm clock to help get you up for that 9am lecture! Whether you’re moving into Halls of Residence or your own accommodation, the Unisak saves you days of time and lots of money (20% cheaper than your leading supermarket), with 100% satisfaction guaranteed at just £149.99 for everything. You can even get it ordered to arrive at your new residence so all you have to pack is yourself rather than tedious shopping trips up and down aisles in the supermarkets. Which leaves you with only one thing left to think about, partying all through Fresher’s Week!”

Fortunately I do not have any children going off to Uni this term. But if I did, I do not think I’d get this for them. I looked at the contents, and wondered at the strange selection – they have shot glasses, but no clothes pegs*, a pizza cutter but no large kitchen bowl. And only one mug? Surely every student needs at least two, in case a friend comes round?

Why one mug, four drinking glasses and six shot glasses?

And I refuse to buy from a company that puts pens etc in a carton labelled “StationAry Box!” [click on the photo to enlarge and check it]

I’d prefer to stick with IKEA [not much more money, better quality]

* I’ve always used clothes pegs for hundreds of purposes- keeping food bags closed, holding up art work to dry, keeping papers together, holding up hems for sewing if I cannot find pins, corralling cables, fixing plants to stakes…and even for keeping washing on the line. I was much teased about my peg-use as a student – I had a little bag of them, all neatly labelled in permanent pen with my name!


  1. That's another thing we forgot then - clothes pegs - lol! He did take an over the radiator drier thingy though. And we got there to find we had left the glasses behind too. But Alex was given some freebies anyway in Fresher's week. Alex took 3 mugs! Pizza cutter? We have always used the kitchen scissors - much easier. Shot glasses? It's no wonder an ambulance was needed on Al's campus on Day 2.
    And "stationary" is bad - my memory is really bad now so I remember that stationery has an e for the envelopes!

  2. I don't think I used, or felt the need for, a clothes peg once whilst at uni, sorry! I agree with the point about mugs though, and I think there should be more tupperware in there.


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