Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dear Santa…

The Toy Retailers Association has released its list of the ten toys which they predict will top the Christmas lists this year [the BBC has full details here]. Thirty years on, people are still wanting Star Wars Light Sabres, and there is more Lego [this year’s set is a whopping £89.99]. But who in their right mind would buy this for a child?

doggie doo

The blurb says

“For £24, your children can compete for the chance to scoop the plasticine poop of a plastic dog.”

How gross is that? I can only imagine it is for parents seeking to train their children to be responsible pet owners and clear up their pup’s productions when they go for ‘walkies’.

Do other people think the toy manufacturers are bonkers with this one? Or perhaps this is not aimed at the children’s market, but rather at groups of inebriated student housemates?


  1. My four year old grandson has become addicted to both Lego and Star Wars! fortunately they now make Lego Star Wars! and he bought a Light Sabre at Hamleys on a special pre-school visit to London! Hid dad and uncle played with Lego from being very little til well into their teens when girls took their attention!

  2. Dear Angela.

    Thanks so much for following All The Live Long Day! There I was, happy about 50 people reading, and now there are already 53! I am feeling really honoured!

    Regarding the list of toys, I find them all pretty hideous, they all look like they might break after a few weeks. Even the Lego does no longer leave much room for creativity, what with the theme being very specific. I remember just having the plain bricks as a child, and if I wanted to build a ninja shrine I could. Or a castle, or a marine science station, or a space ship...

  3. We still have some lego from Paul's childhood. Emma loved it and added to it over the years. I on the other hand had something called "minibrix" it was like a rubberised form of lego and came in a cardboard tube. You've set me thinking now, is it still up in the loft? If so should it go in the memorabilia box or onto ebay? The Doggie Doo looks more like something to buy for the student who has everything!!! How revolting.

  4. I looked at that list on the BBC website last night at work and we were greatly reassured! No need to queue for any of that tat then! (Not that we've ever queued for any such thing!) Though the closest we'll come will be the light sabres- already requested by suns on more than one occasion- and this despite the stash of light sabres in the garage, and the Lego. Again though Mummy is promoting the notion that Santa knows how much Lego there is in this house and he also knows how much room everyone has in their house. And then you have to realise that Mummy has NEVER mentionned Santa but only ever goes with what comes back from playground discussions!! Desperate times...

  5. I saw this on Breakfast TV yesterday. The presenter couldn't get it to work!

  6. The toy manufacturers of this canine delight are bonkers but surely not as 'barking' as the parents who will buy this thing for Santa to deliver!


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