Saturday 8 October 2011

Alphabet Soup

Sue, following on from Hester has just done one of these A to Z things, and thrown out the challenge to pass it on. So here is mine…


  • A - Age - 56 years young.
  • B - Bed Size - King Size here, double at Cornerstones
  • C - Chore You Hate- cleaning the loo
  • D - Dogs – none, since Charlie, the Rescued Collie Cross died
  • E - Essential start to your day – Tea and prayer
  • F - Favourite Colour - Red
  • G - Gold or Silver –both
  • H - Height – 4’11½” [please do not forget the ½”]
  • I - Interests – crafts of all kinds, Radio 4, reading, running
  • J - Job Title – Portfolio Woman [Supply Teacher, Lay Preacher, Pastor’s Wife, Needlewoman…]
  • K - Kids - 2 daughters – Liz 29 and Steph [almost] 27
  • L - Live – Leicestershire – but before that Essex x2, Herts, Durham, Norfolk x2, Warwicks, Oxon, Herts, Kent x2, London, Kent, London x2. I hate moving!
  • M – Mother’s Name – Hilda Margaret
  • N - Nickname – I just get called Ang [with a soft ‘g’]
  • O - Overnight Hospital Stays – 3 minor ops, 2 babies
  • P - Pet Peeves - Dishonesty, greed, selfishness, waste
  • Q -Quotes From Films- “Daddy, my Daddy!” [Railway Children] reduces me to tears “We thought you was a toad!” [O Brother where art thou] reduces me to hysterical giggles. “I’ll think about it tomorrow” [Gone with the Wind] when I am way too busy
  • R - Right or Left Handed - Right
  • S - Siblings – One brilliant younger brother, Adrian
  • T - Time You Wake Up – usually 6.45am.
  • U - Underwear – Mrs Vicar’s Knickers are not a subject for discussion here.
  • V - Vegetables You Hate – Okra. I LOATHE it!
  • W - What Makes You Run Late – The phone call as I am about to leave the house
  • X - X-Rays You've Had - Teeth
  • Y - Yummy Food That You Make – Rice Pudding
  • Z - Zoo Animals – ONLY for conservation, circus animals should not be there AT ALL.


6,45radio 4

[Okra is so pretty to look at in cross section – but vile to eat]


  1. Okra, battered and fried, is crispy and delightful. Can't say that I like it boiled and slimy, though. ~Liz

  2. What a great idea-A to Z-will do one too!

    Loved learning a bit more about you Angela.

    Sft x

  3. Loved reading this! :) I'm playing along tomorrow & have linked you up!


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