Thursday, 20 October 2011

Worth His Salt!

Jon’s been very busy making Lincolnshire sausages [see his blog here] and we enjoyed some on Sunday – Liz cooked us a great meal.


Here they are with mash, broccoli and spaghetti squash [and some delicious gravy!] He very kindly presented me with two little pots to bring home – one of celery salt – and a larger one of ‘white pudding spice’


I shall have to try making some white pudding now [from Jon’s excellent recipe here] Here’s a picture from Jon’s blog – of Liz sifting flour. Watch out Nigella!

liz sifting


  1. that looks tasty, in fact we are having sausage & mash ourselves tonight

  2. It looks delicious. Some people are so clever!

    Sft x

  3. Oh, that gravy makes my mouth water. I need some gravy!
    You made me laugh this morning, Ang!
    The thought of a giant knitted mammoth is hilarious!
    Sending love your way . . .

  4. bangers and mash and baked beans are still a favourite in this house....

    Gill in Canada

  5. I've always wanted to make sausages like this (I have an Irish friend who used to make them for me), but don't really know how. I'm sure that sounds sad to you. I do know how to make mashed potatoes, however!


  6. We took my dad out for a meal last night to say thank you for keeping an eye on the house and pond while we were away.
    I had sausage and mash and it was awful. I'll swear the mash was packet potato mix and the veg were the tasteless overcooked stuff that so many pubs serve. Never again.
    Sausage and mash is so easy to do properly that I can't imagine why any pub would serve such garbage, except of course that it's probably very cheap and any untrained halfwit can stick it in the microwave.
    Luckily my dad chose something else off the menu and he enjoyed it!!


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