Sunday, 30 October 2011

Getting Things Into Focus

I watched the film “Bruce Almighty” again the other night. It is a clever, funny, film – but with some very profound moments in it. All the way through, Bruce [Jim Carrey] has been self-centred and thoughtless, even when he becomes omnipotent. His girlfriend Grace [Jennifer Aniston] puts up with him for so long- then breaks up the relationship – but she goes on loving him, despite everything. Towards the end of the film, Bruce is knocked down by a truck and fatally injured. He stands before God [Morgan Freeman in white suit!] who shows him that Grace is praying for him.

God asks Bruce what he really wants – and at last Bruce knows – because he has seen Grace in the way that God sees her – and now he truly loves her too. One of my all time favourite movie clips.

Bruce Almighty (2003)

for film clip, click HERE


Open My Eyes, Lord!

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  1. I love this funny film - isn't it in this film that there is the prayers scene which shows the thousands and thousands of prayer requests? I think it is. It really changed how I pray - lol!


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