Monday, 10 October 2011

The Pastors’ Wives

Just back from our Connexion Conference. Derek and Dianne showed this video clip. Please note |I am sharing it because I think it is funny, and not because I am having a dig at Bob for mentioning me in his sermons occasionally [after all, I preach too, so I get to mention him as well] And so much depends on the nature and context of the comments. But here you go…


  1. What a hoot!!! Thankfully, a preaching professor warned his class about this early on. ~Liz

  2. Oh boy. It would be funny if I hadn't seen a woman almost completely destroyed by her pastor husband's weekly comments... I used to die for her, sitting there near me in the congregation. As we don't know them any more, I can't tell you if anything has improved - I think possibly that it may have done (certainly I can't have been the only person praying about it!) So thanks for the laughs, but some uncomfortable memories, too.

  3. LOve, ,love, love! PC did this once- shortly after we were married at a worship gig where he told the assembled throng about how he washed the dishes not because he wanted to but because he loved me. Well. If he'd even been washing the dishes!!! Hasn't done it since...

  4. Glad it brought a smile - and Floss, you are SO right - there are some preachers out there who do not realise the hurt their casual words can cause.

    In the USA, October is Pastor Appreciation Month, I am told. Lets spend time appreciating the good ones [and praying for those who are less than satisfactory, and for their long-suffering spouses]


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