Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Gift For A Gardener

Take a spiral bound notebook from Muji [the sort with creamy thick paper pages and a plain brown card cover]


Now find some ‘gardening’ type motifs from this book

jo versobook

Embroider them onto small pieces of Aida, fringe the edges, and attach with double sided tape. And there’s your gift!



  1. What a cute idea! That would work with almost anything - writing, drawing, cooking journals. Thanks for the idea, Angela.

  2. What a lovely gift! The one you have made is nicer than anything I have seen in the shops.

  3. Do you know I have this book on the shelf just over there- but I shouldn't as it belongs to Rev. Jane and I really must get it back to her...

  4. What a lovely idea, Angela. I have the Jo VErso book too.

  5. What a cute gift! Very nice!

  6. That's lovely, Ang! I made a garden journal for Ben this birthday, but, given the kind of gardener he is, I covered it with oil cloth and put a big magnetic clasp on it. It's going to get mucky...

    I am proud to tell you that the oil cloth was an offcut from the chairs we covered when we got married 21 years ago, the note book had belonged (unused) to my mum and the clasp was made out of a magnetic badge Ben had brought back from a conference. As I made it, without buying anything, I thought to myself: 'this is worthy of Ang'!

  7. That is such a sweet idea, and even better I could easily get a single piece done each nap time! Viva small projects that add to bigger things!!!
    X X X
    P.S Pop on over to my blog to have a chance at entering my DVD giveaway

  8. Thanks for the compliments - Floss, I am sure Ben appreciates the practicality of recycled oilcloth rather than pretty cross-stitched white aida. And I applaud your resourcefulness [and the fact that you can hang on to an offcut for so long! I thought I was alone in that habit]

    Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the extra hour. [not sure if my friends in France will get that though]


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