Monday, 24 October 2011

Holy Mo-le*

Saturday Night was great – we had a lovely time with Frank and Barbara and the food was [mostly] fabulous. It was a sort of Mexican theme [November 2nd – just over a week away - is a big feast day in Mexico – Dia de los Muertos – Day of The Dead]

Bob’s Ceviche starter was utterly amazing.


He served it with toasted tortilla triangles[try saying that fast!] The flavours in it were really great – he used this recipe .

The chilli was good too, but I found it hot [I am a wuss with chillies]

Bob used the BBC Good Food Chilli recipe [here]but with two cans of kidney beans not one, and he didn’t use any marjoram. This was supposed to serve 4 but made a huge amount – and we only ate half of it, so that left a double portion to freeze and a double portion for Sunday lunch in Norfolk [with leftover creme fraiche and guacamole]

But as for Nigella’s Express Mousse- you can keep it, thank you. It was more like a ganache. Incredibly rich and very dense. I would have done better decanting Sainsbury’s Basics Choc Mousse [only 31p for FOUR pots] into my espresso cups I think. At least our guests were family, and very forgiving – and there was plenty of fresh fruit as an alternative. Next time, I think I shall let Bob do the dessert as well as everything else! [my flower arrangement looked good though!]

*Mo-le [as in guacamole] is the name given to any highly spiced Mexican sauce, usually with chillies, often with chocolate, served with meat. Not to be confused with mole, which is a small burrowing rodent with tiny eyes and strong forefeet.

Guacamole is a mole made with avocados. ‘Avocado’ comes from the Aztec word for ‘testicle’. [I’m not making this up – both Countdown’s Susie Dent and the BBC agree on this one] When I first learned this fact, I didn’t eat avocados for ages.

Holy Mole!  was an exclamation frequently used by comic character Captain Marvel.

captain marvel


  1. Ganache is good! It all sounds delicious! I am also a wuss with chillis. Interesting avocados!

  2. I have just made a soup with chilli beans, potatoes and tomatoes - oh and chillis! Very warming on such cold days.

  3. Sounds great. we like mexican food. Oh mrsnesbitt your soup sounds great. Could you leave a comment on my blog with the recipe?


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