Saturday, 15 October 2011

One Further Question…

liam fox

OK so Dr Liam Fox has now resigned. You sort of feel it is inevitable once the PM says of someone “This person has my full confidence” that their days are numbered.

I feel sorry for his wife Jesme [also a doctor]– by all accounts she is doing a great job with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, and all this hoo-hah must be hindering her efforts.

And then there’s MP Oliver Letwin


The Daily Mirror snapped him ripping up papers and putting them into a rubbish bin – apparently on seven separate occasions! Allegedly these were parliamentary papers and letters from his constituents. Now I admit to being a ‘Spooks’ fan [and Mrs Nesbitt tells me she actually KNOWS Peter Firth aka Harry Pearce!] and there do seem to be many questions relating to confidentiality and national security etc. in both these situations which have yet to be answered.

paper recyclingBut my question is this

Why didn’t Oliver Letwin put his rubbish in the correct paper recycling bin – does he not care about the planet, or setting a good example to the children?

Nobody else seems to be asking this question – but if the PM wants us to act more responsibly, I think his MPs should be leading the way!


  1. I think Letwin was ripping up the Waitrose shopping lists he found in his pocket, having sent his on-line home delivery request that morning!

  2. Hi Angela,
    Here is a link to the little vest.

    Yes, the size 1 is free and larger sizes can be purchased. It's real easy knitting. I did mine with two yarns, one 100% cotton and the other a blend of merino, alpaca, and cashmere. It's really soft, but still light-weight, perfect for fall weather.
    Blessings and enjoy your weekend!

  3. If the shows on TV don't satisfy, there is always the comedy/tragedy of politics!


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