Friday, 28 October 2011

The Tree Grew Huge And Strong…

…its leaves were beautiful [Daniel 4, from The Message]

bbc stourheadEach autumn for the past few years, the head gardener at Stourhead in Wiltshire - Alan Power - has spoken to Radio 4's PM Programme. I listened to him last night as I sat in a traffic jam – and couldn’t wait to get home to look at the pictures of the beautiful autumnal foliage. [We went there on a family holiday about 20 years ago, Christine was with us – the gardens were lovely in the summer too]


Watch this amazing footage here


  1. Hi Pixie!
    I wrote about your pixie boots today.
    When we landed in Chicago, I had my first glimpse of Lake Michigan and also of the beautiful foliage in the suburbs of that HUGE city. Gorgeous!

  2. I so enjoyed the footage on BBC of Stourhead. It was breathtaking! I also watched a few other videos on the same site, and loved all of them. I added the BBC News page to my favorites so that I can enjoy more. Thanks so much for sharing.


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