Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bag Book And Book Bags

Just a quick review of a new[ish] book I spotted in the library last week and immediately borrowed. I had seen one bag from this slim volume featured as a project in two different craft magazines in Smith a few weeks back, and wondered if the book was therefore a one-hit-wonder [rather like those recipe books which have one stunning dish which you make repeatedly, and 29 others you confidently ignore]

book of bags1

Well, this is definitely not a single-item-issue. The book is full of thirty different sorts and styles of bags – shoppers, bookbags, bucket bags, beach totes, quotidian handbags, evening clutch bags, duffles, purses…

book of bags3

What I particularly appreciated was the well-written style, and the mass of details.

Instructions for each bag, and the relevant techniques are clearly set out and easy to follow. Clear advice on how to attach handles, flaps, frames, closures, drawstrings as well as reinforcing, applique techniques, bias binding etc. The book also has photocopiable templates, and a helpful list of UK stockists.

Close-up photography of the construction at each stage makes me feel I could make any of these bags if I wanted to, and I don’t think you need to be an experienced needlework either.

I shall take this down to Sewing Club and see what my girls there think of it!

My only reservation is that Bob feels I already have way too many bags.

“Where did you put so-and-so?” he asks

“It’s in my bag!” I reply

“But which one? You have dozens!” [this is indeed true]

I am turning into a Bag-Lady!

bag lady


  1. The book looks great, wish I had a group like yours Angela!

    I'm quite creative in many ways but don't have the confidence to do it alone.

    But I admire people that do.

    Sft x

  2. Ah yes, bags. Me too! Especially home made ones! :) The book looks fab! Be sure to show us the ones you make! xxx

  3. Talking of the Sewing club...Rita asked me to ask you if you wanted any fabric and various trimmings,ribbons,notions etc? I know you're having a de-stash of some kind and didn't want to overload you with 'stuff' again!
    Let me know as her clear out is imminent!

    Sandie xx

  4. What a great web blog.I love all these bags.These are looking too good.Thanks for sharing this kind of blog.I really like it.


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