Monday 30 January 2012


That’s Always Be Clearing, Declutter Everyday

Here’s a traffic light challenge for you in this Leap Year –copy this list of 29 items, and try to cross off all the items as you declutter them during February. You can aim for one a day – or just cross off a few as and when you find them


Old Tupperware without lids [or lids w/o bases]


Old sunscreen

Plastic milk / drinks /shampoo bottles

Out of date medications

Dried up pens/ crayon stumps

Old lotions & make-up

Seriously out dated food

Odd socks or gloves

Very old cleaning products, and dead dusters

Empty Detergent  / soap bottles

Any appliance you hate or never use

Old birthday cards from people you barely remember

Empty boxes

Recyclable glass bottles

Anything that is broken

Clothes you never wear

Old batteries

Napkins, straws, sugar sachets from takeaways

10 pieces of junk mail

Ancient Receipts

Plastic/paper  grocery bags

Old Phone books

Burned candles that are less than 3” tall

Books you really don’t need to keep any more

Kitchen gadgets you hate

Dead plants or flowers

Dried up pieces of soap

out of date Magazines/ Catalogues

I am not saying you need to chuck all your old magazines, or every plastic bag – but I bet there is a ballpoint pen in that mug which doesn’t write, and probably a receipt or two in your bag which does not need to be kept.
Posting this a day or two in advance of February to give you time to get yourself ready. And don’t just put it all in the bin - remember to recycle or donate things if they are of use to others.




  1. Am working on it youmight imagine!

  2. A good little chart to get us going on the decluttering, although some of the things it says to throw away (ie candles less then 3") I actually re-use (melted and turned into new candles in tins!).

    Looking at it it does make me realise how far I've come on my reuse/recycle path, there's not much on the list that isn't already dealt with as soon as we have it.

    Brilliant as a check list though.

    Sue xx

  3. Oh dear..the "anything that is broken" could be a challenge.Chris insists that pretty much everything can be fixed....when he has more time!
    Jane x

  4. Printing out this chart as we speak. What a great idea! I really, really want to declutter this year. It's such a daunting prospect, though ... I'm feeling tired just thinking about it.


  5. I need to print this out. Some of it is included in our fortnightly recycling collection, but other things could do with looking at.


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