Tuesday 31 January 2012

Friday Night For Folk And Fun

Friday’s Annual Africa Aid Folk Night went incredibly well. We were entertained by Eric the Turtle, The Dangerous Dogs, Sam Rodwell [keep an eye out for this 18 year old guitarist, he is going places] and the melodious Lyn Gouldbourn and Steve Hicks [here]DSCF3246





And of course, the ebullient Dave himself.

Bob wore his best HK Sound Engineer's Tee-shirt.

We loaded both cars and left home around 4.30pm Friday – and got back at around 12.15am.

It took Bob ages on Saturday morning to rewind all the cables and sort out all the gear.

But it was worth it – loads of money raised for a very worthwhile cause, lots of good music and refreshment – and time with friends.


[and sometime I must modify this teeshirt – the answer to Question Five is patently incorrect, even if all the others are probably true]


  1. That sounds like an enjoyable evening.
    What a great T shirt!
    You could patent one similar for teachers.....
    'Yes he does have to do his homework.
    Yes, you do have to let us know if he is ill and not coming to school.
    Yes, he does have to wear the same school uniform as the other 199 children'....etc!

    1. What a great idea!
      No you can't go to the toilet AGAIN
      No I don't have a spare pencil
      No I can't answer that, I'm a supply teacher!

  2. Bob's t-shirt is great and well done on helping to raise a lot of money for a good cause.


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