Monday 30 January 2012

Hanging On…

I have been haunted all week by something I typed in Thursday’s post – “I need more than seventeen hangers”


But do I really? How many clothes does one person need? I’m told that Mother Teresa only had three identical saris, and Mahatma Gandhi had just one shawl and loincloth – and they managed. But there are problems here

  • I have worn a sari, and found it somewhat restricting – if I moved too enthusiastically, it started falling off, and it seemed to drag on the ground, however securely I tried to hoist it at the waist.
  • Loincloths? No way! I struggle, in the privacy of my own bathroom, to keep myself decent wrapped in a bath towel. The Amish may eschew buttons as a sign of pride, I rely on decent fastenings to maintain my modesty.
  • What did MG wear on washday? Did he somehow wrap the shawl round himself when his loincloth was laundered and vice versa?
  • A loincloth and shawl ensemble is not appropriate for the sort of life I lead here in cold wet Britain, [even MT was seen wearing cardigans and a coat on occasion]
  • I need different clothes for the different parts of my life – I would not wear the same outfit for Sunday preaching as I would to wash the kitchen floor on a Monday. And I wouldn’t wear the same clothes when helping messy 5 year olds to paint as I would to go out for a meal with Bob. Then there are ‘specialist’ things like running shorts and motorbike leathers.


But the fact remains that I think I still have too many clothes. So I emptied out the contents of the wardrobe onto the bed. I discovered I had more of my original blue floral hangers, lurking under jackets, and a few more wooden hangers awaiting padding and covering.

I’ve done the all the padding and covering, and sewn on a few more buttons to hold skirt loops. So now I have just over two dozen pretty padded hangers – and everything hanging on them neatly. I’ve retained two metal 5-bar hangers which hold my jeans and leggings, and a couple of plastic 3-bar ones for shawls and scarves. And my wardrobe looks neater and tidier without all these…


I also have a bag of clothes for the charity shop, and a vast collection of plastic hangers I no longer need. Perhaps the charity shop can use them too?

keep toss

And I am determined to operate the ‘one in-one out’ rule if I acquire any more clothes. I am not planning to purchase anything though – there are plenty of outfits there to be going on with.


  1. My Dad has a theory..everytime you lose a sock, a coat hanger turns up!
    Jane x

  2. I'm working to replace all my wire and plastic hangers with wooden ones. I've gotten rid of most of the wire hangers, but there are a few more plastic ones to trade out. Fortunately, Good Will seems to appreciate them!


  3. Seventeen hangers eh. I'm with you keep it (wear it) or Toss it. I'm moving home and have been clearing out loads that I now know I will never weart. Taking them to the charity shop this weekend.

  4. Not that I'm a fan of their Company but Tesco re-cycle plastic coat hangers.

  5. I will replace all my plastic hangers with wooden ones...


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